PWG Steering Committee Minutes * 6 July 2017




Previous Action Items

  • ACTION: Smith to work up a draft August 2017 F2F agenda based on SC discussion and share link with SC for approval
    - CLOSED - Smith posted an updated agenda on 06/20/17
  • ACTION: Ira to help Paul with ISO 10175 (DPA - the predecessor / progenitor of the PWG and IPP) for PWG synopsis for ISO JTC1 3D
    - OPEN
  • ACTION: Paul to forward Jane's liaison packet draft to SC
    - CLOSED - new version expected from Jane soon
  • ACTION: Smith to inquire about liaison packet status with Jane so that we regain broader visibility
    - IN PROGRESS - Smith sent reminder to Jane on 07/04/17
  • ACTION: Smith to check with Jane on progress with liaison with IEEE SA for presence in P3030 (3D) among others
    - OPEN