PWG Steering Committee Minutes * 26 September 2013




  • (0) Agenda bashing, IP Policy, minute taker
    - Reviewed agenda and PWG IP Policy
    -- Ira McDonald as minute taker

  • (1) Review previous minutes and action items
    - Review minutes from SC 25 July 2013 and Plenary 6 August 2013
    -- Accepted minutes as posted
    - See 'Previous Action Items' below

  • (2) IPP Transaction-Based Printing Extensions Last Call results, move to PWG Formal Vote
    - PWG Last Call had 9 responses w/ 14 comments
    -- All comments were addressed at IPP WG call on Monday 23 September
    -- SC approved process of PWG Last Call and ready for PWG Formal Vote
    - Mike to announce PWG Formal Vote

  • (3) Status updates on meetings: Ira with BBF, Bill with W3C, Paul?
    * W3C Publishing Workshop - report from Bill Wagner
    - PWG Print Job Ticket
    -- limited response from publishing people
    -- relatively few participants spoke up during the open session
    -- limited support for print job ticket elements in CSS3
    - CSS WG members didn't appear to have consensus on how to proceed
    -- idea seemed to be that the PDF render is in the browser
    - How should PWG participate in CSS WG activity?
    -- an open question
    -- Paul will continue to monitor W3C in this area
    - W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group
    -- PWG member companies who are also W3C members can participate
    * Broadband Forum 3rd Quarter - report from Ira McDonald
    - CWMP Printer Data Model
    -- strong positive response from BBF Service Providers Action Council
    -- second informal discussion in Broadband Home WG
    - Next steps?
    -- Broadband Home WG co-chairs offered to schedule special telecons
    -- Ira to prepare a BBF CWMP Printer slide for the October PWG plenary

  • (4) Question to the PWG SC: There currently is no representation from the medical imaging community. Is there a desire to make overtures to companies involved in medical imaging? Obtaining feedback by probing them will give us some idea (just like the 3D printing case).
    - topic deferred to next SC meeting

  • (5) Question to the PWG SC: Is there any liaisonship between PWG and W3C. It seems that the W3C folks (CSS community) are more interested in rendering on the browser as opposed to rendering on the Printer. It is probably better to get involved at a higher level (that comprises CSS, HTML and other W3C activities)
    - see Bill's presentation to W3C above

  • (6) Mopria - informal discussion
    - Wi-Fi Direct - services framework under development
    -- Printing framework effort led by Alan Berkema (HP)
    -- initial focus appears to be on casual printing of photos
    - Discovery is via Wi-Fi Direct in local network
    -- On an infrastructure network, both WS-Discovery and DNS-SD
    - Printers support either PWG Raster or HP PCLm (PDF variant)
    -- both formats are streamable
    -- Printers must support one or both formats
    -- Clients must support both formats
    - Toolkit (w/ API) is available
    -- currently only supports PNG and JPEG formats
    - Mopria FAQ
    -- mentions IPP and Wi-Fi Direct
    - Mopria discussion at October PWG F2F?
    -- Ira to invite Alan Berkema to speak

  • (7) October F2F pre-planning
    - topic deferred to next SC meeting

  • (8) Next SC meetings
    - SC - Thursday 10 October 2013 11am PDT / 2pm EDT (tentative)
    - Plenary - Tuesday 22 October 2013 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

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