PWG Steering Committee Minutes * 28 March 2013




  • (0) Agenda bashing, IP Policy, minute taker
    - Reviewed agenda and PWG IP Policy
    -- Ira McDonald as minute taker

    (1) Review previous minutes and action items

    - Review minutes from SC 28 February 2013
    -- Accepted minutes as posted
    - See 'Previous Action Items' below

  • (2) IPP Everywhere self-certification: logos, license agreement
    - Work-in-progress w/ Anne at PRWorks to design a family of PWG logos
    - License agreement is in draft for forwarding to ISTO

  • (3) PWG Website Migration (Mike)
    - New role-based officer/chair email addresses at '' are possible
    - Content is now all mirrored
    - New server coming up soon
    -- Afterward Daniel Dressler will do some additional work

  • (4) Google Cloud Print liaison
    - Mike and Bill will be administrative contacts
    - Direct access to Google engineers doing Google Cloud Print for PWG

    ACTION: Mike to provide list of members wanting to participate in GCP groups, Mike and Bill as admins
    - OPEN
    ACTION: Paul to reach out to cloud printing vendors to participate in mapping document development
    - OPEN

  • (5) AFP Consortium Meeting (Paul)
    - AFP face-to-face meeting on Thursday 11 April in Boulder, CO
    - Who will attend from PWG for JDF discussion (job ticket mapping)?
    -- Paul could attend but needs travel money
    - PWG agreed to pay for Paul's travel expenses to Boulder
    -- Unanimous consensus on SC

  • (6) PWG MSN2 Formal Vote
    - Approve process of PWG MSN2 Formal Vote
    -- Unanimous consensus on SC
    - Mike to publish MSN2 as PWG Candidate Standard
    -- Comments to be incorporated by Mike

    ACTION: Mike to publish MSN2 after close of voting
    - OPEN

  • (7) Next SC meetings
    - SC - Thursday 11 April 2013 11am PDT / 2pm EDT
    - SC - Thurday 25 April 2013 11am PDT / 2pm EDT (tentative)

    Previous Action Items